Yukyeom Kim is an interdisciplinary artist who delves into the intricate and intimate human psychological dynamics, such as feelings of shyness, flirtatiousness or awkwardness. Educated in sculpture at the Hongik University (BFA), South Korea, and in Art and Technology at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (MFA), USA, she employs robotics and electronics to craft playful** kinetic sculptures and interactive installations that manifest and mirror these human dynamics:For instance, a robot that looks away when approached (Eye Contact, 2024), a tool for first encounters (The Tickling Device, 2022), or a ring for keeping fingers crossed (I Promise, 2024).

    Yukyeom attempts to substitute the expression of emotions that cannot be perfectly conveyed through verbal language, with the use of non-verbal gestures and movements.

    Her recent work (Eye Contact, 2024) is centered on understanding people’s emotional reactions when interacting with mechanical devices that emulate human behavior. Yukyeom's projects focus on setting off diverse psychological responses in humans, often collaborating with neuroscientists, who aid in analyzing and researching these reactions. .

    Parallel to her work with animated sculptures and interactive robots , Yukyeom documents her own daily emotions not with words but through watercolor strokes. These are digitally scanned and animated to create a series of visual gestures or vignettes, which capture the fluidity and constant fluctuation of emotions non verbally.