Yukyeom Kim is an interdisciplinary artist who delves into the intricate psychological dynamics occurring in human relationships, like intimacy and awkwardness. Educated in sculpture in South Korea and Art and Technology in Chicago, USA, she employs robotics and electronics to craft moving kinetic sculptures and interactive installations.

Yukyeom's interest in the perpetual interacting and changing dynamics of human psychology and relationships is expressed in her practice of animating sculptures and creating moving images through animation.

Her recent work is centered on understanding the reactions and emotions people produce when interacting with mechanical devices that emulate human behavior. Yukyeom's projects focus on seting off psychological phenomena in humans, often collaborating with neuroscientists for this purpose.

Moreover, she documents daily emotions not with words but through watercolor strokes, leaving momentary marks. These are digitally scanned and animated to create a series, capturing the fluidity of emotions.