Asian Girl Near You

Western Pole Project.
2201 S. Western Avenue, Chicago, IL

This work was exhibited at Western Pole, a public art project in Chicago, and reflects the artist's experiences interacting with strangers as a passerby on the streets of a multiracial, multiethnic American city. The flyer depicts the artist in casual clothes, which is the information value given to others when the artist is standing on the street. Given only limited visual information, including race, age, and gender, and a Venmo QR code to send money, the audience, who are 'random strangers', decide how much money to send to the owner of the QR code, who is also a random stranger. The artist anonymously sends different images to the audience based on the amount of money they send. Through this trust game-like interaction that begins with a 'first impression', the artist experiments with the social identity of an individual in a city.