25 Years Old, Female, Korean, Single, Who Was a Baby Back in the Days

Artist updates the screen-recorded videos on the iPads every week.

25years Old, Female, Korean, Single, Who was a Baby Back in the Days, 2024

Installation, electronics, iPad

This kinetic installation shares the artist's experience of scrolling through Instagram as it relates to babies with the audience. The artist recorded the screen while exploring posts recommended based on her actual Instagram activity, and these videos are broadcast through three iPads. The artist investigates how the existence of 'baby' is staged, consumed, and reproduced through daily encounters with new video and photo posts related to babies, comment sections, and trends in new posts. The SNS algorithm identifies her identity based on consumer big data as a Korean and English-speaking woman in her late 20s who is single. Through the keywords "25 Years Old, Female, Korean, Single, Who Was a Baby Back in the Days," the artist provides context for herself as an individual and contemplates how one might perceive the subject of 'baby' within this context. In front of the iPads, 'baby legs' powered by electricity continuously rotate, syncing with the endless 'baby research' scroll.